Light the World (SAQA Global Exhibition)

Light is our primary tool for perceiving and understanding the world around us. Without light there is no vision. Light allows us to appreciate the world through shape and form and evokes emotions. Common qualities of light are intensity, quality, color, direction, distribution, texture and movement. Artists were encouraged to explore how light creates and transforms their art.  


European Patchwork Meeting, Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, France: September 16-19, 2021

About the Juror

Jan Myers-Newbury is internationally recognized for her pieced quilts constructed from hand-dyed fabric and based on techniques, particularly shibori and the layering of color using dyes and discharge, she has developed over forty years. The result is lyrical, often nature referenced work, which is singularly unique. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and been included in a record fourteen Quilt National exhibitions, winning Best of Show in 1993.

Widely respected for sharing her personal dye techniques and enthusiasm for art quilts, she has taught workshops around the world. Myers-Newbury’s work can be found in the permanent collections of the National Quilt Museum, Museum of American Design, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, and Minnesota Historical Society, as well as five quilts in the collection of the International Quilt Museum. Additionally, Myers-Newbury’s quilts are also included in over 250 corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

In 1999, she was a presenter at the Third International Shibori Symposium in Santiago, Chile. Her quilt, “Depth of Field:  A Plane View,” was selected as one of the 20th Century’s 100 Best Quilts, and her work is widely published, including most recently, Art Quilts Unfolding and Masters: Art Quilts.

Selected Artists

Bobbi Baugh (Florida, USA) - Seeing Through to the Light
Anne Bellas (France) - vertige/ vertigo
Maya Chaimovich (Israel) - A Tiny Moment of Happiness
Sandra Champion (Australia) - First Light on the Track
Shin-hee Chin (Kansas, USA) - Harvest Moon
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - The Cauldron
Vicki Conley (New Mexico, USA) - Slot Canyon  #7 - Intrusions
Janet Darcher (Washington, USA) - Corona #2-Crepuscular Rays
Gabriele DiTota (Florida, USA) - In the darkness
Chiaki Dosho (Japan) - The Glistening Light
Sarah Lykins Entsminger (Virginia, USA) - Wintertime in the City
Petra Fallaux (Pennsylvania, USA) - SeaSpider Mamam
Bodil Gardner (Denmark) - The Earth is a wonderful place
Judith Quinn Garnett (Oregon, USA) - Correspondence With Hope
Debra Goley (Arizona, USA) - Cacti At First Light
Meredith Grimsley (Pennsylvania, USA) - Reclaiming My Birthright: Call to My Future Self
Ruby Horansky (Pennsylvania, USA) - BLAZE
Doris A Hulse (Florida, USA) - Peonies and Petunias
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Sedona Sunset
Hanne Ladegaard (Denmark) - The rippling water
Mary-Ellen Latino (California, USA) - Global Guardian Angel
Niraja Lorenz (Oregon, USA) - Strange Attractor #8
Glenda Mah (Oregon, USA) - How the Light Gets In
Alicia Merrett (United Kingdom) - Genesis of the Stars
Lena Meszaros (France) - We are all Lights
Kestrel Michaud (Florida, USA) - There's Something In the Water
Dan Olfe (California, USA) - Ray Tracing #1
Heather Pregger (Texas, USA) - Schist #1
Paula Rafferty (Ireland) - Surya
Sue Reno (Pennsylvania, USA) - Heat Index
Ann Sanderson (California, USA) - Good Night Havana
Roxanne Schwartz (California, USA) - Noon
Maria Shell (Alaska, USA) - Fiber Optics
Stephanie Shore (Massachusetts, USA) - Through the Canopy 4
Sarah Ann Smith (Maine, USA) - Canticle of the Stars
Jan Soules (California, USA) - Scorched Earth
Daphne Taylor (Maine, USA) - Quilt Drawing #24
Marianne R Williamson (Alabama, USA) - Dappled Autumn Leaves
Nancy Baldwin Woods (Colorado, USA) - Austin Nights: A Symphony of Sound and Light Waves
Marian Zielinski (Georgia, USA) - What Light from Yonder Window Breaks?

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