SAQA Exhibition Guidelines

The following information applies to the SAQA Global Exhibitions, which are open to ALL SAQA members. The policies for Regional exhibitions may vary. ALWAYS refer to the exhibition prospectus for more details.

If you have specific questions that pertain to the exhibition itself (size requirements, eligibility, etc.), contact the exhibition coordinator listed in the prospectus.  Please read the Exhibition FAQs first!

Key Exhibition Policies

Artist must be a current SAQA member to enter a SAQA exhibition.

Artwork must fit the SAQA definition of a quilt: “...a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.”

Artwork must be original, not executed in a class or under educational guidance, not made from a kit or commercial pattern, and to the best of the artist’s knowledge must not violate any copyright laws.

Artwork must match the digital images submitted - no further changes or stitching can be made after submission. If there are material differences between the photographs and the artwork, the Exhibition Committee Chairs reserve the right to disqualify the work.  

The submitted digital full image must show ALL edges of the artwork (no cropping). Any signatures, watermarks, or other identifying information must be removed or blurred prior to submission.

Artwork must be in pristine condition and be show ready. Wall hung work must include a sleeve (preferably 4").

Artwork MUST be available to travel for the duration of the exhibition. The artist is responsible for all costs/insurance to our shipping facility. Once work is accepted, the artist cannot withdraw the piece for any reason.


Tips for Entering Exhibitions

Read the Exhibition FAQs 
Even if you have entered calls before, read the Exhibition FAQs as they include important information about all aspects of entering SAQA exhibitions.

Review the Prospectus Often
Details about Global Exhibitions are usually posted a year in advance and always include a prospectus with specifics about the call. Do periodically reread the prospectus to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

Know the Size Requirements / Type of Artwork
The size requirements and type of accepted artwork (2D, 3D, installations, etc.) are often determined by the opening venue and DO vary. Be sure to check the details for each call include hanging / sleeve requirements.

Focus on getting GREAT images
Jurors select the work through images submitted online as part of the entry form - they do NOT see the actual artwork. This is why it is vital to send the best possible images, ideally professionally taken, using our Digital Image Submission Guidelines. If you are planning on taking the pictures yourself, do the research to find out how to take great pictures. To ensure the process is fair, remember to remove any signatures or watermarks from your submitted images.

Gather your information together
Check out the online submission during the call period to see what information you need to submit with your entry. In addition to your contact information, you will need to provide the following for each artwork.

  • Digital Images (one full, one detail, one side for 3D pieces)
  • Artwork Sizes
  • Artist statement, materials, and techniques
  • Price or insurance value
  • Collaborators 
  • Year

Don't wait until the last minute to enter!
We all like to work right up to the deadline but please do give yourself enough time to complete the online submission process just in case of questions or technical / internet issues. The deadlines provided are firm and the form will close automatically at midnight (US/Canada Eastern Time).

Contact us with questions!
We have wonderful volunteers who are happy to answer your questions. Contact information is listed with each call. Do read the Exhibition FAQs and the prospectus first as they include a lot of helpful information.

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