Become a Visionary

We're looking for people who look outward to see the big picture. SAQA's Visionaries are a leadership group who invest in our vibrant global art quilt movement.

A monthly gift of just $20 makes you part of the Visionaries group. Or you can give a generous gift of $240 annually.

As a Visionary, you will:

  • receive the bi-annual Visionaries newsletter which highlights early bird news about upcoming happenings in SAQA and exciting global textile trends;
  • attend private Visionary receptions at the SAQA conferences like the wonderful presentation by Tim Jenison at the San Antonio TEXtiles event;
  • participate in “Tea with Martha,” a regular series of online get-togethers with other Visionaries held throughout the year, hosted by our executive director Martha Sielman and a guest textile expert; and
  • be recognized in SAQA’s annual report, in the SAQA Journal, and on the SAQA website.

Please support SAQA with an important gift that helps create strong foundation of support for SAQA, ensuring that art quilts have the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Founder's Circle - $5000+

Lisa Ellis
Ralph and Janice James
Robert and Ardis James Foundation
Frank Klein
Kate Stiassni
Amy Witherow (estate)

Leaders - $2500+

 Barbara D. Blanchard
 Sonja Campbell
 Marvin Fletcher
 Iva Jensen
 Dolores Miller
 Luana D. Rubin
 Maggie Vanderweit

Benefactors - $1000+

 Nancy Bavor
 Arlene L. Blackburn
 Holly Brackmann
 Carol Churchill
 Giny Dixon
 Joyce Ferrie
 Judith Quinn Garnett
 Lynn Glesne
 Ann Johnston
 Iris Karp
 Susan Lapham
 Cat Larrea
 Jeanne Marklin
 Sally Harcum Maxwell
 Mary Ann Nailos
 Shirley Neary
 Susan Nestegard
 Bobbe Shapiro Nolan
 Candice Phelan
 Dorothy Raymond
 Barbara Schneider
 Maria Shell
 Marion Shimoda
 Sue Siefkin
 Jean M Sredl
 Linda Syverson Guild
 Sandra Teepen
 Jean Tutolo
 John Walsh
 Shelly Zegart

Luminaries - $500+

 Margaret Abramshe
 Lynne Allen
 Rhonda Baldwin
 Bobbi Baugh
 Alice Beasley
 Deborah Boschert
 Esther Brabec
 Laurie Bucher
 Sandra Champion
 Ree Fagan
 Mary Kay Fosnacht
 Cynthia Fowler
 Rachel Gollub
 Jean Grimes
 Maggy Rozycki Hiltner
 Tina Hilton
 Cathie Hoover
 Leslie Tucker Jenison
 Jill Kerttula
 Al Krueger
 Terrie Linn Kygar
 Mary Ann Littlejohn
 Jenny K. Lyon
 Denise Oyama Miller
 Jackie Nixon-Fulton
 Lee Fowler Schwimmer
 Martha Sielman
 Jan Tetzlaff
 Del Thomas
 Gwyned Trefethen
 Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert
 Lisa Walton
 Susan West
 Adrienne Yorinks

Visionaries - $240+

Anne Abendroth
 Mary Lou Alexander
 Alex Anderson
 Elizabeth Bamberger
 Diana Bartelings
 Elizabeth Bennett
 Charlotte Bird
 Christina Blais
 Margaret Blank
 Nancy Bougher
 Cindy Brendzel
 Nancy Bryant
 Sharon A. Burns
 Katie Chester
 Maureen Cole
 Shannon Conley
 Lori Covert
 Sherri Culver
 Pamala Doffek
 Lin Elmo
 Susan Else
 Sarah Entsminger
 Nancy N. Erickson
 Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
 Laura Fogg
 Georgia French
 Cynthia D Friedman
 Bethany Garner
 Jayne Gaskins
 Sandy Gregg
 Cindy Grisdela
 Barbara Grote
 Anne Hammond
 Barbara Oliver Hartman
 Janeene Herchold
 Laura Jaszkowski
 Leslie Jennings
 Jean Wells Keenan
 Carol N. Kimble
 Judy Kirpich
 Gul Laporte
 Carol Larson
 Deon Lewis
 Sheilana Massey
 Therese May
 Margaret Ann McGrath
 Ann C Moroz
 Amy C Nelson
 Diane Nunez
 Barbara Olson
 Nancy Orr
 Cathie S. Osmun
 Pat Owoc
 Katie Pasquini Masopust
 Claire Passmore
 Geri Patterson-Kutras
 Carrie Payne
 Claudia Pearce
 Margaret Phillips
 Heather Pregger
 Beth Reid
 Nancy Riffle
 June Robertson
 Arturo Alonzo Sandoval
 Kris Sazaki
 Barbara Sferra
 Sandra Sider
 Ileana Soto
 Joan Sowada
 Adriana Speelman
 Mary Jo Stipe
 Kathy Suprenant
 Rebecca Linson Szetela
 Judith Trager
 Candace Tucker
 Cynthia Ann Turnbull
 Christine Vinh
 Teresa M. Wellington
 Carla White
 Martha Wolfe
 Diane M. Wright

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“My fabric world is so important to me. I support SAQA because I think it is so important to encourage the exhibiting and selling of art quilts.” - Sandy Teepen

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