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Join SAQA's Director of Global Exhibitions William Reker in a tour of our new Exhibition Management Center. Thank you to all our generous donors who made this possible!
by William Reker (Video)

SAQA's Director of Global Exhibitions William Reker demonstrates all the best practices for preparing and shipping art quilts for travel. Find out more about the right tissue paper to use as well as shipping and product recommendations.

Inside SAQA - Q & A is a series of live Zoom meetings that offers SAQA members an opportunity to learn more about programs and benefits. Recordings are also available.
In this video, SAQA Board President Deborah Boschert shares an introduction to what SAQA is all about. We welcome art quilters and fiber artists of all kinds to join us and learn more about the art quilt movement.
Board President Deborah Boschert talks about the exciting SAQA programs of today, including exhibitions, regional highlights, member education, and publications.
Our new Board President Deborah Boschert and Vivika DeNegre celebrate SAQA from the QuiltCon 2020 show floor! Watch as they peruse a variety of beautiful art quilts created by SAQA members and discuss the benefits of joining SAQA.
Learn about SAQA’s global community of artists, collectors & arts professionals!

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The Virtual Gallery committee is actively seeking SAQA members to serve as volunteer exhibition curators for the Virtual Gallery program. Every exhibition tells a story and the curator is the author of that narrative.
The impact of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) regional representatives lies in their role as connectors for the regions within the organization's membership. They facilitate communication through regional newsletters. They organize regional exhibitions, workshops, retreats, and conferences. They promote collaboration among artists by encouraging their members to help with exhibitions and events and through Local Connections. Regional representatives play a vital role in fostering a sense of community, sharing resources, and supporting the growth of the art quilt at a grassroots level.
The SAQA Board is looking forward to our upcoming virtual conference, Plurality & Heritage, showcasing artwork in the Europe & Middle East Region. These are their Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up! The conference will be online from April 12-20...
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