Volunteers are the lifeblood of SAQA. This is very much a hands-on, member-driven organization. SAQA both appreciates and depends on each volunteer to be able to offer the breadth and depth of programming available. 

We have lots of volunteer opportunities. Some examples include:

  • Serving on a SAQA Committee
  • Participating in Regional Activities
  • Working at the SAQA Booth at an event near you
  • Developing content for our communication channels

If you are interested in volunteering for SAQA (or need a volunteer for your SAQA event or committee), please email volunteer@saqa.com

Current Committees

Development Committee:
Lisa Ellis (Co-Chair), Holly Brackman, Taylor Freeman, Linda Syverson Guild, Kathy Johnson, Candice Phelan, Maria Shell, Martha Sielman, Maggie Vanderweit

Education Committee:
Dolores Miller (chair), Mel Beach, Deborah Boschert, Susan Callahan, Vicki Conley, Kathryn Davy, Carolyn Ducey, Cindy Friedman, Mary Louise Gerek, Julia Graves, Ann Johnston, Lynne Seaman, Sheara Seigal, Martha Sielman, Jennifer Solon

Executive Committee:
Deborah Boschert (President), Mel Beach (Vice President), Dolores Miller (Vice President), Jayne Gaskins (Secretary), Gwyned Trefethen (Treasurer)

Exhibition Committee:
Michael Ross (Co-Chair), Vivien Zepf (Co-Chair), Betty Busby, Vicki Conley, Donna Deaver, Diane Powers Harris, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Gul Laporte, Tracey Lawko, Cynthia Levis, Kestrel Michaud, Claire Passmore, Daren Redman, Bill Reker, Martha Sielman, and Sarah Ann Smith

Finance Committee:
Gwyned Trefethen (Chair), Helen Blumen, Deborah Boschert, Shannon Conley, Lisa Ellis, Maura Grogan,  Martha Sielman

International Advisory Committee:
Jenny Bowker (Chair), Bethany Garner, Jim Hay, Misik Kim, Gul Laporte, Hsin-Chen Lin, Alicia Merrett, Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix 

Juried Artist Membership:
Dorothy Raymond: Juried Artist Member Representative
Juried Artist Review Panel: Valerie Goodwin, Cara Gulati, Paula Kovarik, Regina Marzlin
Juried Artist Mentor: Sharon Bass

Nominating Committee:
Jayne Gaskins (Chair), Vivika DeNegre, Carolyn Mazloomi, Candice Phelan, Martha Sielman

Regional Grants Review Committee:
Bethany Garner (Chair), Margaret Blank, Annie Smith, Jennifer Solon, Desi Vaughn

Special Events Committee:
Sue Bianchi (Co-Chair), Joanne Misener (Co-Chair), Mel Beach, Georgia French, Jackie Heupel, Carolyn Higgins, Diane Nunez, Carrie Payne, Sue Sherman, Jennifer Solon, Desi Vaughn

Other Volunteers

Members-Only Facebook Group Moderators:
Linda Syverson Guild, Lisa White Reber

Regional Rep Facebook Group Moderators:
Mary Kay Fosnacht

SAQA Regions Representative:
Terry Hartzell

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