SAQA Volunteer Recognition - Special Events Committee

SAQA’s Development Committee is inaugurating a Volunteer Recognition Program, where groups of SAQA members are recognized for their work and special efforts. As a volunteer organization, we so appreciate what our members and leadership do to keep us engaged and involved in the ever-changing world of fiber art. 

The Special Events Committee (SEC) had a busy year assisting with the hugely successful conference “Pathways To Possibilities” held in Toronto. Joanne Misener coordinated the efforts of the members of the committee, who worked closely with staff and volunteers of the Local Advisory Committee to create an engaging theme, select presenters, and arrange fun local activities. The committee also assisted with setting up and promoting the Spotlight Auction fundraiser, acquiring on-site conference vendors, and coordinating a postcard exchange.

Susie Goodman and Zara Zannetino (the current co-chairs) identified what a privilege it was and how much fun SEC had showcasing diverse art and artists of different regions. In addition, the outcome provided a great opportunity for the SAQA community to network and be inspired to grow.

It is a special honor to thank the Special Events Committee and Chairs Joanne Misener, Susan Goodman, and Zara Zannettino for their work and support of SAQA.