SAQA Journal - Index of Articles

Looking for an article on a particular subject or artist? The SAQA Journal index is the tool to use.

When you first access the index, it will be sorted in Journal issue order, most recent first. The toolbar at the top includes the available functions - these are also available when you right click on a column heading.

If you are interested in reading an article, click on View PDF (dark grey button if available). The View PDF option is not available on all issues . Note that the most recent issues of the SAQA Journal are only available to members and login is required.

How to use the index:
  • You can Search by selecting the magnifying glass in the upper right and entering what you want to search for (artist name, title, etc.). The found results will be displayed in yellow. Use the up/down arrows to navigate through the results.
  • You can use the Filter function to only display records that meet a specific criteria. This is helpful if you want to view articles on a particular subject (or subjects).
  • The Group function allows you to group like records together. You could use this for Artist/Author or Subject.
  • You can also Sort the records by any of the columns (or a combination of them).