SAQA Journal - Article Submission Guidelines

Please submit your ideas to SAQA Journal editor Diane Howell at Let her know what topic you would like to write about and the main points your story would cover. Please also detail what images would be available to accompany your piece.

Before you submit a proposal, check the Journal Index to see if a similar story has been published. While technology changes rapidly, and we revisit some topics to keep pace with the times, we avoid repetition. 

We work up to three issues out on articles and even longer on some departments. If you have a timely topic, check with us soon to see how your article could fit into the schedule.

Article Topics
We’re interested in articles that create an inspiring editorial lineup. Each issue regularly features at least one artist, a marketing concept, and a first-person narrative about your studio practice. Desired topics include::

  • Relationship building features, such as new developments in websites, blogging, social media, and more.
  • Professional development articles focused on marketing, online teaching, networking, public relations, photography, new technology such as laser cutting, and more.
  • Personal journeys for our Art Talk column; this column has covered everything from artist management to developing a customized color study. 

Article length
Journal articles average 1200-1500 words. The word count will be determined by the writer and the editor after a proposal is approved. 

Editing process
Your work will be copyedited and proofed for length, Journal style, and other factors, but with your original intention in mind. As you work, we ask that you fact-check your work, confirm details with all sources, and attribute facts.

Photography requirements
We ask that you help us gather images when possible and applicable. The minimum requirement for photography is 2100 pixels on the longest side. Please provide caption information with the photos you submit. If the photo is of an artwork, include the artist’s name, title of the piece, year created, and dimensions, written as height by width. 

Here is an example of our artwork caption style:

Diane Howell

Pay it Forward

18 x 14 inches


There is also an image release form that must be completed and signed by each artist whose images you forward to us; the latest version of the form will be provided to you by the editor.

We offer compensation for many of our articles. Rates will be negotiated with the editor upon acceptance of the proposal. Payment is processed upon the editor's acceptance of the piece.

Please contact with any questions.

Thank you again for your interest in the SAQA Journal.