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SAQA is dedicated to bringing thought-provoking, cutting-edge artwork to venues across the globe. Our members continue to challenge the boundaries of art and change perceptions about contemporary fiber art. Artwork by our members has been enjoyed by millions of people at art museums, galleries, quilt shows, and regional locations - over 250 venues on 6 continents.

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Fierce Planets (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Fur, Fangs, Feathers & Fins (SAQA Global Exhibition)
StitchPunk (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Art Evolved: Intertwined (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Aviary (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Color in Context: Red (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Connections (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Gastronomy (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Haven (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Joining Threads (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Light the World (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Microscape (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Minimalism (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Primal Forces: Earth (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Primal Forces: Wind (SAQA Global Exhibition)
sustainABILITY (SAQA Global Exhibition)
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From amphibians to apex predators, celebrate wild animals in their natural environments. This exhibition showcases birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles doing what comes naturally. Go WILD! More Details
Earth, from space, looks like a shimmering gem suspended in an inky, infinite expanse. But this serene image masks the magnificent and volatile interior forces that make life possible on the surface. The placid appearances of our neighboring planets similarly...
Imagine, if you will, an existence where you pull one string and reality unravels. Travel to a world of unique creations to explore alternate timelines, sentient beasts, bodies merged with technology, and more. More Info
Our known world stretches far beyond what we can see with the unaided eye. Microscopes, magnifying glasses, and virtual imaging techniques reveal a world of great beauty and complexity. That world contains the smallest particles, tiniest organisms, smallest landscape, or...
How do we balance humanity's needs and desires against preserving our planet for future generations? This question is at the heart of Sustainability, which addresses some of today's most pressing environmental issues, such as the effect of plastic pollution on...
Ever since our earliest ancestors began applying iron oxide to cave walls and their bodies, the color red has played a major role in art, rituals, and spirituality. The use of red can evoke excitement, danger, anger or love in...

SAQA has provided our museum with artistically and intellectually superior exhibitions. The hallmark of the shows is the engaging themes and artistic strength of each individual piece.  - Craig Ivany, Executive Director, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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