Fur, Fangs, Feathers & Fins (SAQA Global Exhibition)

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From amphibians to apex predators, celebrate wild animals in their natural environments. This exhibition showcases birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles doing what comes naturally. Go WILD!

Exhibition Benefactor
Frank Klein

Exhibition Schedule

Premiere Location: 
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona: April 2 – June 19, 2022
Quilt Festival Long Beach, California: July 6-8, 2023
Quilt Festival Korea, Seoul: November 2 - 5, 2023 (select pieces)
Detroit Zoo, Detroit, Michigan: April 1 - September 30, 2024


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About the Juror

Emily Jan is a Montreal-based artist and writer. Her biophilic sculptures and installations combine everyday found objects with meticulously worked raw materials to evoke the faraway and the fantastical. As a wanderer, naturalist, and collector of objects and stories, she is guided in her work by the spirit of kinship and exploration. Recent exhibitions include Wild at the Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto (2019), Castaways at the Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature, Victoria (2020), and Grow Op: After the Flood at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto (2018).

Selected Artists

Mary Lou Alexander (Ohio, USA) - Geometry of the Herd #7
Diana Bartelings (British Columbia, Canada) - Spirit Salmon
Sharon V Buck (Tennessee, USA) - Lords of the Forest
Betty Busby (New Mexico, USA) - The Abyss
Holly Lei Cole (Virginia, USA) - The Toto
Shannon M Conley (Oklahoma, USA) - The Armadillo and the Cow
Maria Eugenia Corbella (Spain) - Neofelis nebulosa
Rhonda S Denney (Kansas, USA) - Eagle - The Eyes Have It
Giny Dixon (California, USA) - Coastal Passage: Beautiful Victim
Isabelle  Dupras (Quebec, Canada) - Urubu
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry (Washington, USA) - Aquarium #2
Joyce King Ferrie (Florida, USA) - The Silver King Highway
Margaret Peggy Fetterhoff (Texas, USA) - Daddy Seahorse
Jayne Bentley Gaskins (Virginia, USA) - Pointless Parroting
Betty Hahn (Arizona, USA) - Thinking of Getting Another Tattoo
Nari Haig (Wisconsin, USA) - Broad Billed Hummingbird
Irene Anna Koroluk (Tasmania, Australia) - Jellies, Stars and Screws
Glenda Mah (Oregon, USA) - Estuary
Jeanne Marklin (Massachusetts, USA) - Magpie
Salli McQuaid (Washington, USA) - Rainbow Python
Kestrel Michaud (Florida, USA) - Beauty Queen
Karen I Miller (Oregon, USA) - Lost in the land of lizards
Lulu Moonwood Murakami (Oregon, USA) - Renewal
Jeannie Palmer Moore (Texas, USA) - Buck
Claire Passmore (United Kingdom) - Southern Right Whale: Deep Dive
Maureen Phillips (North Carolina, USA) - It's time!
Ruth Powers (Kansas, USA) - Harrier Hunting
Sue Reno (Pennsylvania, USA) - Mole and Fern
Cindy Richard (Israel) - Monkey Business
Nancy Ryan (Nevada, USA) - Two to Tango
Sara Sharp (Texas, USA) - Coastal Cousins
Sue Sherman (Ontario, Canada) - Galapagos Marine Iguana
Carolyn Skei (Texas, USA) - Poverello and the Birds
Brenda Gael Smith (New South Wales, Australia) - Flying Colours: Galah Gala
Marinda Stewart (Texas, USA) - Leafy Sea Dragon
Karin Tauber (Virginia, USA) - Golden Frogs of Monteverde
Sherry Turpenoff (Illinois, USA) - Celebrate The Beauty Of Diversity
Sandra Wagner (California, USA) - Life in the Cold
Katie Walwyn (Washington, USA) - Fabulous Flippers
Rosanna Lynne Welter (Utah, USA) - Onaqui Roan--On The Run
Libby Williamson (California, USA) - Disentangled
Krista Zeghers (Manitoba, Canada) and Coreen Zerr (British Columbia, Canada) - Serengeti Moment

Artwork Available for Purchase

For purchase inquiries, please contact William Reker, Director of Global Exhibitions at exhibitions@saqa.art or 937-912-5009.

All artwork offered for sale is committed to completing the travel listed with its exhibition information. View terms of sale

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In the Exhibition
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry - Aquarium #2
Caryl Fallert-Gentry
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Kestrel  Michaud - Beauty Queen
Kestrel Michaud
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Nari  Haig - Broad Billed Hummingbird
Nari Haig
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Jeannie Palmer Moore - Buck
Jeannie Moore
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Sherry  Turpenoff - Celebrate The Beauty Of Diversity
Sherry Turpenoff
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Sara  Sharp - Coastal Cousins
Sara Sharp
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Giny  Dixon - Coastal Passage: Beautiful Victim
Giny Dixon
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Margaret Peggy Fetterhoff - Daddy Seahorse
Margaret "Peggy" Fetterhoff
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Libby  Williamson - Disentangled
Libby Williamson
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Rhonda S Denney - Eagle - The Eyes Have It
Rhonda Denney
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Glenda  Mah - Estuary
Glenda Mah
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Katie  Walwyn - Fabulous Flippers
Katie Walwyn
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Brenda Gael Smith - Flying Colours: Galah Gala
Brenda Gael Smith
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Sue  Sherman - Galápagos Marine Iguana
Sue Sherman
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Mary Lou Alexander - Geometry of the Herd #7
Mary Lou Alexander
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Karin  Tauber - Golden Frogs of Monteverde
Karin Tauber
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Ruth  Powers - Harrier Hunting
Ruth Powers
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Maureen  Phillips - It's time!
Maureen Phillips
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Irene Anna Koroluk - Jellies, Stars and Screws
Irene Koroluk
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Marinda  Stewart - Leafy Sea Dragon
Marinda Stewart
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Sandra  Wagner - Life in the Cold
Sandra Louise Wagner
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Sharon V Buck - Lords of the Forest
Sharon Buck
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Karen I Miller - Lost in the land of lizards
Karen Miller
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Jeanne  Marklin - Magpie
Jeanne Marklin
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Sue  Reno - Mole and Fern
Sue Reno
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Cindy  Richard - Monkey Business
Cindy Richard
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Maria Eugenia  Corbella - Neofelis nebulosa
Maria Eugenia Corbella
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Rosanna Lynne Welter - Onaqui Roan-On The Run
Rosanna Lynne Welter
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Jayne Bentley Gaskins - Pointless Parroting
Jayne Bentley Gaskins
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Carolyn  Skei - Poverello and the Birds
Carolyn Skei
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Salli  McQuaid - Rainbow Python
Salli McQuaid
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Lulu  Moonwood Murakami - Renewal
Lulu Moonwood Murakami
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Krista  Zeghers & Coreen Zerr - Serengeti Moment
Krista Zeghers
Coreen Zerr
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Claire  Passmore - Southern Right Whale: Deep Dive
Claire Passmore
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Diana  Bartelings - Spirit Salmon
Diana Bartelings
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Betty  Busby - The Abyss
Betty Busby
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Shannon M Conley - The Armadillo and the Cow
Shannon Conley
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Joyce King Ferrie - The Silver King Highway
Joyce Ferrie
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Holly Lei Cole - The Toto
Holly Cole
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Betty A. Hahn - Thinking of Getting Another Tattoo
Betty Hahn
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Nancy  Ryan - Two to Tango
Nancy Ryan
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 Isabelle  Dupras - Urubu
Isabelle Dupras
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