Onaqui Roan-On The Run

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Onaqui Roan-On The Run
35 in
30 in
(89 cm x 76 cm)
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On the vast plains of the United States, wild horses have roamed free for hundreds of years. These majestic animals graze in herds that include roans, bays, blacks, sorrels, buckskins, grays, palominos, and black and whites. Roans are horses with hair of many interspersed colors. It is estimated there are around 500,000 wild horses left in the world today. Limiting herd size while maintaining genetic viability, and managing resources such as water, are controversial issues. Sparse spring rains bring rapid growth for desert vegetation. With the worst drought season ever looming in the western United States, the green plants will soon turn brown, watering holes will dry up, and an extreme fire season awaits. Onaqui Roan is based on photos by local wild horse photographer Kent Keller. (Photos used with permission)
Satin, cotton, dye, ink
Dye painted, torn, heat transferred, ink stamped, drawn, raw edge appliqu├ęd, machine quilted