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Art & Artists
Video Conversation

Join Martha Sielman in a conversation with exhibiting artists from the SAQA Special Exhibition at Intersect Chicago: The Future of SOFA. Artists Mita Giacomini, Marie Bergstedt, and Linda Colsh gave us a look into their process, studios, and inspiration...

Educational Video
Want to learn more about creating 3D artwork? Watch Betty Busby as she offers helpful advice on creating and shipping 3D artwork. Using examples of her own artwork, Betty shares her experiences and provides valuable tips.
Educational Video
Learn more about new trends in textile artwork and the art quilt movement! Susan Else examines "what’s next?” for the art quilt moment. To do that, she looked at her own work to see how it resonates with other work by contemporary art quilters and with the broader textile scene.
Video Conversation
Meet Mary Pal, an exhibiting artist at the SAQA Special Exhibition at Intersect Chicago: The Future of SOFA.
Video Conversation
Meet Susan Avishai, an exhibiting artist at the SAQA Special Exhibition at Intersect Chicago: The Future of SOFA.
Video Conversation
Meet Susan Else, an exhibiting artist at the SAQA Special Exhibition at Intersect Chicago: The Future of SOFA.
Educational Video
This webinar includes three SAQA members from Oceania - Brenda Gael Smith, Jenny Bowker, and Charlotte Scott - sharing their art quilts and discussing how their creative lives are influenced by the places they live.
Lecture by Sandra Sider
Dr. Sandra Sider, curator of the Texas Quilt Museum, provides additional insight into the artists and art included in Season after Season.
Conversations with the Artists
This panel of fiber artists from SAQA Global Exhibition 3D Expression spoke about creating 3D art quilts. Artists included Shannon Dion, Judy Martin, Betty Busby, and Patty Kennedy-Zafred.
Conversations with the Artists
Selected fiber artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Aloft, Kestrel Michaud, Victoria Carley, Dan Olfe, and Hildegard Mueller told us about their artistic process and the inspiration behind their work in a panel discussion.
Conversations with the Artists

We had a great time talking with selected artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Ebb & Flow. We heard from Meredith R Grimsley, Carol Anne Grotrian, Marisa Márquez, and Lynne Seaman about their work, process, and inspiration. Many things in life and...

Conversations with the Artists

Artist talks with three artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Haven!

Words and communication continue to be Jette Clover’s primary source of inspiration. Instead of writing with a pen or printing text segments, she is ‘writing’ with a needle...

Conversations with the Artists

Join us for artist talks with three exhibiting artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Light the World. We'll be hearing from Maya Chaimovich, Ruby Horansky, and Lena Meszaros about their work.

Light is our primary tool for perceiving and understanding...

Conversations with the Artists
This Textile Talk included artists from the SAQA Global Exhibition Musica!, moderated by Rachael Baar, Museum Curator of the National Quilt Museum. Our participating artists were Susan Bianchi, Sarah Entsminger, Susan Sherman, and Carolyn Skei.
Conversations with the Artists

SAQA Global Exhibition Opposites Attract explores contradictions and affinities: Yin and Yang, the irresistible force versus the immovable object, black and white, and other types of opposites. We had a great time talking to exhibiting artists Claire Passmore, Maria Shell, Maggie...

Conversations with the Artists

Our lives are measured in seasons. Not just the familiar quarterly divisions of a year: spring, summer, fall, and winter, but with each new day we move among a variety of seasons. Some seasons have no set time of arrival...

Conversations with the Artists

Repurposing used materials is one of the most effective solutions there is to deal with today's environmentally devastating waste issues. Fiber art also has a rich tradition of incorporating elements that would otherwise be discarded by turning them into compelling...


A short video showing SAQA Global Exhibition 3D Expression at the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

Learn more about the SAQA Global Exhibition Beyond the Mirror through our series of videos. More videos are being added - subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you get the latest ones.

Up Close with juror Andra Stanton...

Colour with a U and Colour with a U Too are juried exhibitions of art quilts created by Canadian SAQA members.

Courtesy of Arnold's Attic, enjoy a virtual walk-through of the Concrete & Grassland exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London, United Kingdom

Enjoy a virtual walk-through of this and get an up close look at the textures and stitching in these amazing, detailed artworks.

Learn more about the SAQA Global Exhibition Ebb & Flow through our series of videos. More videos are being added - subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you get the latest ones. You can access these video via...

Don't miss this fascinating in-depth look at a very powerful exhibition. Get up close to see the details, stitchwork, and textures contained in these works of art in the SAQA Global Exhibition Forced to Flee.
by Sandra Sider
Narrated presentation of selected pieces from SAQA's Layered and Stitched exhibition by Dr. Sandra Sider.

Courtesy of The National Quilt Museum, please enjoy this walk-through of the SAQA Global Exhibition Musica! 

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Video Portfolio of the SAQA Europe/Middle East regional exhibition Wide Horizons VI

Video Conversation
The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection is one of the largest private art quilt collections in the world. Find out more about Del Thomas in this video conversation.
Video Conversation

Meet art quilt collector John M. Walsh III. The John M. Walsh III Collection has had exhibitions throughout the US and one in France. The Collection has been featured in articles in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal...

Video Conversation
Meet art quilt collector Marvin Fletcher in this video conversation. A large portion of The Marbaum Collection is now part of the permanent collection at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.
Inside SAQA
by William Reker (Video)

SAQA's Director of Global Exhibitions William Reker demonstrates all the best practices for preparing and shipping art quilts for travel. Find out more about the right tissue paper to use as well as shipping and product recommendations.

Inside SAQA - Q & A is a series of live Zoom meetings that offers SAQA members an opportunity to learn more about programs and benefits. Recordings are also available.
In this video, SAQA Board President Deborah Boschert shares an introduction to what SAQA is all about. We welcome art quilters and fiber artists of all kinds to join us and learn more about the art quilt movement.
Our new Board President Deborah Boschert and Vivika DeNegre celebrate SAQA from the QuiltCon 2020 show floor! Watch as they peruse a variety of beautiful art quilts created by SAQA members and discuss the benefits of joining SAQA.
Learn about SAQA’s global community of artists, collectors & arts professionals!