3D Expression (SAQA Global Exhibition)

On display at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Explore a New Dimension in Contemporary Fiber Art

SAQA Global Exhibition 3D Expression offers an intriguing glimpse into a new dimension of art quilts, creatively interpreted by artists from 14 US states and 10 countries. The wide variety of pieces selected by juror Bruce Hoffman include vessels, wearables, wall-pieces, and sculptural artworks.

This cutting-edge exhibition shows how textile art can come off the wall and expand both into the third dimension and into the future. See art quilts in a whole new way!

Exhibition Benefactors
Helen Blumen & Jan Acton

Exhibition Schedule

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan: September 23 - November 3, 2019

Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, St. Bonaventure, New York: February 8 - April 30, 2020

Ross Museum of Art, Delaware, Ohio: May 14 - July 2, 2021 * canceled

Midland Center for the Arts (Alden B Dow Museum of Science & Art), Midland, Michigan: February 5 - April 24, 2022

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, Mississippi: August 23 - November 13, 2022


About the Juror

Bruce Hoffman is currently the Director of Gravers Lane Gallery. A member of the Executive Board of FiberPhiladelphia, Bruce also served as a curatorial consultant and co-chairs the Distinguished Educators Exhibition at the Crane Arts Building for FiberPhiladelphia 2012. He was the Director of an internationally recognized gallery for twenty years where he established and curated the International Fiber Biennial from 1998–2010.

Selected Artists

Lys Axelson (California, USA) - Beneath the Surface
Karen M Balos (California, USA) - Transparent Self
Caroline Bell (United Kingdom) - Scroll of the Common Thread
Jeannie Bench (Alaska, USA) - Hunted
Marie C Bergstedt (California, USA) - Princess J
Christina Brown (Oregon, USA) - View from Horseback of Rowena Crest
Betty Busby (New Mexico, USA) - Ginger Jar
Leonie Castelino (New Jersey, USA) - Dance In Blue & Copper
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - Cyphers
Judith Content (California, USA) - Boroboro Suite
Kate E Crossley (United Kingdom) - Hunter Gatherer; Guardian
Shannon M Dion (Michigan, USA) - Miriam's Well
Giny Dixon (California, USA) - Segments of my Past
Chiaki Dosho (Japan) - Cocoon 2
Dianne Firth (Australia) - Bogong
Carole Gary Staples (Ohio, USA) - Azuru
Jayne B Gaskins (Virginia, USA) - Spiraling Currents of Golden Light
Dorothy Gerring (Pennsylvania, USA) - Secret Garden
Sharon Havelka (Tennessee, USA) - Sanguine
Jim Hay (Japan) - Bridal Veil
Stacy Hortner (Pennsylvania, USA) - Habitat
Sara Impey (United Kingdom) - Chain Stitch
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Shift Change
Brigitte Kopp (Germany) - Male? Female? (two parts)
Jennifer H Landau (California, USA) - Imago
Roxanne H Lasky (South Carolina, USA) - Migration: Precious Cargo
Susan Lenz (South Carolina, USA) - Saint Anastasia
Eleanor Levie (Pennsylvania, USA) - Sanctuary City
Judy E Martin (Canada) - Not To Know But To Go On
Mary H McCauley (Colorado, USA) - Slot Canyon
Dolores Miller (California, USA) - Facets II
Diane Núñez (Michigan, USA) - Cinque Terre
Anita M Payne De Gaia (Canada) - Earth: Our Home Planet
Cathy J Perlmutter (California, USA) - Lookouts I: Ceasar & Friends
Karen Rips (California, USA) - Orphan
Anne E Solomon (Canada) - What Choice do they have?
Maria Stoller (Switzerland) - Symbiosis II
Els van Baarle (Netherlands) - Circle
Marjolein van der Eijk (Netherlands) - Collection Mapped
Marijke van Welzen (Netherlands) - There are Snakes Lurking in the Grass
Maggie Vanderweit (Canada) - Jesse & Me
Dianne Miller Wolman (Maryland, USA) - Islamic Courtyard

Artwork Available for Purchase

For purchase inquiries, please contact William Reker, Director of Global Exhibitions at exhibitions@saqa.com or 937-912-5009.

All artwork offered for sale is committed to completing the travel listed with its exhibition information. View terms of sale

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In the Exhibition
Carole  Staples - Azuru
Carole Staples
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Lys  Axelson - Beneath the Surface
Lys Axelson
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Dianne  Firth - Bogong
Dianne Firth
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Judith  Content - Boroboro Suite
Judith Content
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Jim  Hay - Bridal Veil
Jim Hay
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Sara  Impey - Chain Stitch
Sara Impey
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Diane  Nunez - Cinque Terre
Diane Núñez
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Els  van Baarle - Circle
Els van Baarle
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Chiaki  Dosho - Cocoon 2
Chiaki Dosho
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Marjolein  van der Eijk - Collection Mapped
Marjolein Van Der Eijk
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Linda  Colsh - Cyphers
Linda Colsh
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Leonie  Castelino - Dance in Blue & Copper
Leonie Castelino
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Anita M. Payne De Gaia - Earth: Our Home Planet
Anita Payne De Gaia
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Dolores  Miller - Facets II
Dolores Miller
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Betty  Busby - Ginger Jar
Betty Busby
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Stacy  Hortner - Habitat
Stacy Hortner
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Jeannie  Bench - Hunted
Jeannie Bench
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Kate E. Crossley - Hunter Gatherer; Guardian
Kate Crossley
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Jennifer H. Landau - Imago
Jennifer Landau
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Dianne Miller Wolman - Islamic Courtyard
Dianne Wolman
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Maggie  Vanderweit - Jesse & Me
Maggie Vanderweit
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Cathy J. Perlmutter - Lookouts I: Caesar & Friends
Cathy Perlmutter
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Brigitte  Kopp - Male? Female? (two parts)
Brigitte Kopp
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Roxanne H. Lasky - Migration: Precious Cargo
Roxanne Lasky
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Shannon M. Dion - Miriam's Well
Shannon Dion
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Judith E. Martin - Not To Know But To Go On
Judith Martin
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Karen  Rips - Orphan
Karen Rips
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Marie C. Bergstedt - Princess J
Marie Bergstedt
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Susan  Lenz - Saint Anastasia
Susan Lenz
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Eleanor  Levie - Sanctuary City
Eleanor Levie
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Sharon  Havelka - Sanguine
Sharon Havelka
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Caroline  Bell - Scroll of the Common Thread
Caroline Bell
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Dorothy  Gerring - Secret Garden
Dorothy Gerring
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Giny  Dixon - Segments of my Past
Giny Dixon
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Patricia  Kennedy-Zafred - Shift Change
Patty Kennedy-Zafred
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Mary H. McCauley - Slot Canyon
Mary McCauley
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Jayne B. Gaskins - Spiraling Currents of Golden Light
Jayne Bentley Gaskins
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Maria  Stoller - Symbiosis II
Maria Stoller
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Marijke  van Welzen - There are snakes lurking in the grass
Marijke van Welzen
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Karen M. Balos - Transparent Self
Karen Balos
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Christina  Brown - View from Horseback of Rowena Crest
Christina Brown
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Anne E. Solomon - What Choice do they have?
Anne Solomon
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