Cocoon 2

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Cocoon 2
47 in
40 in
6 in
(119 cm x 102 cm x 15 cm)
Photo Credit
Akinori Miyashita
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There is an unkept, forgotten attic in an old mansion. The stairs squeak as I climb. In the attic there are things at my feet, such as a sepia tone photograph, an old dress, a stopped clock, a cracked mirror, and an old cocoon.

These items are proof that many people used to live here, leaving parts of themselves behind that seem frozen in time. They remind me of cocoons whose colors have been changed, and out of which something new arises. I believe it’s hope.
Japanese kimono, wool, silk, synthetic fiber, shrinking sheet
Sewn, washed, discharged, appliquéd, painted

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