Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre
49 in
49 in
3 in
(124 cm x 124 cm x 8 cm)
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Our environment is comprised of many three-dimensional forms. Homes and buildings are connected through a network of alleys, walks, boulevards, and streets, forming strong circulation patterns. Our built environment protects us from the elements. Sunlight and shadow come into structures that vary in their materials, colors, and patterns. Topography varies as well, from flat terrain to steep hillsides—all inhabited by us.

Cinque Terre is inspired by the unique three-dimensional forms found along the Italian Riviera. Colorful coastal cities are perched along steep slopes. The rectilinear forms and angles are reflected here, the black connections representing the circulation patterns of walks and roads. As light hits the work, look at the reflections and shadows that are formed.
Hand dyed cotton, velcro, aluminum slat, stainless cable
Quilted, assembled