Migration: Precious Cargo

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Migration: Precious Cargo
15 in
17 in
13 in
(38 cm x 43 cm x 33 cm)
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I stitch my stories as maps. I call them Textile Topographies. They provide a fitting metaphor for the terrain of experience; its movement, its change, and its challenges. Migration: Precious Cargo is an artist’s traveling bag, shards of a town, and times that blend joy and loss into the complex directions of roads well-traveled. It is a look at impermanence and also containment—a celebration of rites of passage on the heart and memory.
Repurposed wooden art box, natural dyes, repurposed cotton, silk, linen, leather, found metal objects, nails
Gathered, hand stitched, appliquéd, pieced, embroidered, eco dyed, upholstered

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