Textile Talks: Aloft

Conversations with the Artists

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) presented an online panel discussion with selected fiber artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Aloft. Kestrel Michaud, Victoria Carley, Dan Olfe, and Hildegard Mueller told us about their artistic process and the inspiration behind their work in a panel discussion moderated by Martha Sielman. You'll see some examples of their recent artwork and peek into the artists' studios.

Textile Talks feature weekly presentations and panel discussions from the International Quilt Museum, Modern Quilt Guild, Quilt Alliance, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, SAQA, and Surface Design Association.

Exhibition Benefactors
Sonja and Gary Campbell

About the Artists


Carley headshotVictoria Carley is an artist living in Toronto, Ontario. She uses nontraditional fabrics in a very traditional manner, cutting, machine sewing, and embroidery overstitching. Victoria makes no preliminary drawings, instead, she works directly from the title of the piece and her selection of fabrics. A major theme in her work is The Greek and Roman Myths.


Michaud headshotKestrel Michaud is a classically-trained fine artist and illustrator who has been making fabric artwork for sixteen years, ever since she was a Junior in High School. She graduated with honors from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2010. Today, she enjoys thinking up scenes of fantasy people and places and quilting them into reality.

Mueller circleHildegard Mueller started quilting as a traditional quilter. Some years ago, she got in touch with modern quilts and art quilts which opened a wide range of creative possibilities. Fascinated by the idea to create her own fabrics she started to learn those modern and innovative techniques and participated in workshops of well-known art quilters to develop her own language in textile art.


Olfe headshotAlthough art was an important part of his early life, Dan Olfe’s college education was in physics and aerospace engineering. He started making quilts in 1997, after a career as an engineering professor (including 30 years at the University of California, San Diego).