Textile Talks: Light the World

Conversations with the Artists

Join us for artist talks with three exhibiting artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Light the World. We'll be hearing from Maya Chaimovich, Ruby Horansky, and Lena Meszaros about their work.

Light is our primary tool for perceiving and understanding the world around us. Without light, there is no vision. Light allows us to appreciate the world through shape and form and evokes emotions. Common qualities of light are intensity, quality, color, direction, distribution, texture, and movement. Artists were encouraged to explore how light creates and transforms their art.  

Exhibition Benefactor
Frank Klein

About the Artists

Maya Chaimovich was first exposed to the world of quilting in 1995, and was quickly drawn to the abstract realm in which she creates today. Since then she has participated in many group exhibitions and presented solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Ruby Horansky had a background in home sewing and painting when she discovered quilting about 25 years ago. Using books and magazines, she taught herself to quilt. Her work has been shown in international exhibits, sold, and published. Born and raised in New York, she now lives in Pennsylvania, in a suburb outside of Philadelphia.
Lena Meszaros is an art quilter living in Orsay, France. Her work has been shown in several international exhibitions. Lena's art quilts tell stories in a unique way.