Southern Right Whale: Deep Dive

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Southern Right Whale: Deep Dive
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The spectacular moment when a whale’s enormous fluke breaks the surface is a truly awesome sight and a reward to those who are patient. The first time I saw this wonder was in 2006 in the town of Hermanus, South Africa, where around 100 southern right whales go to calve each winter. I remember the swirling ocean gradually erupting, and in remarkable slow motion, a huge tail breaking through the surface just before a whale prepared for a deep dive in search of food. In this piece, I have re-imagined that moment, with an ocean of gently folded curves, broken only by an enormous single tail.
Cotton organdy, glass organza, non-woven wood pulp/polyester fabric, recycled book pages, acrylic medium, lace, cord, fiber reactive dye, wire, folding acrylic support
Hand dyed, paper laminated, sculpted, embroidered, hand knotted

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