Rainbow Python

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Rainbow Python
39 in
18 in
(99 cm x 46 cm)
Photo Credit
Cleary Creative Photography
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Before people let pet pythons loose in the Florida Everglades, there were many species of animal wildlife. The alligator was the top predator, but now the python is vying to take its place. Pythons can constrict alligators of up to 10 feet—only giant alligators can escape. The cunning python hides so well that it’s nearly impossible to cull their overflowing numbers. When given the opportunity to view these pythons, they are impressive. Their muscular, shiny bodies wind in and out of graceful curves. However impressive, it is sad to realize that the Everglades are now dominated by these dangerous snakes.
Aboriginal batiked fabric, cotton
Designed, pieced, appliquéd, decorator stitched, longarm quilted