The Silver King Highway

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The Silver King Highway
35 in
45.5 in
(89 cm x 116 cm)
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Tarpon, also known as the silver king, is a prehistoric inhabitant of the Gulf of Mexico. These fish travel in large schools creating their own highway. Daisy-chaining is their mating dance where they swim nose to tail. It is a gift to watch an accomplished fly fisherman hunt the silver king. He waits for the disturbance on the water indicating the tarpon’s presence, then beautifully casts his line, presents the fly, and waits for the strike. The tarpon gives a spectacular show as it leaps high out of the water then dives back, creating an explosion on the water’s surface. The silver scales look like diamonds when they catch the sunlight. Another leap and the tarpon begins to tire. Out of respect, the angler bows to the silver king and releases it unharmed back to the water.
Cotton, fashion fabrics, fly line, fishing fly, ink pencils
Machine quilted, hand embroidered, raw edge appliquéd, thread painted