Coastal Cousins

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Coastal Cousins
38 in
28 in
(97 cm x 71 cm)
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Coastal Cousins is based on my photograph of a brown and a white pelican which I spotted on a trip to the Texas Gulf Coast. White pelicans are found throughout North America’s inland and coastal waters, while brown pelicans are confined to its warmer southern coasts. Their large flocks fly in formation before settling in noisy groups on the water. Pelicans’ distinctive bills are not used to store food, but to scoop up and strain out the small fish they eat. It is amazing to watch brown pelicans plunge from on high to catch prey, or glide slowly just above the water. White pelicans tend to float on the surface while searching for their favorite fish. Brown pelicans became endangered in the 1970s due to pesticide runoff, but through conservation efforts their numbers have increased.
Commercial and hand-dyed cotton, monofilament, fusible interfacing, fusible web, colored pencils
Raw edge appliquéd, free motion quilted, thread painted