Mole and Fern

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Mole and Fern
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The small mammals that make their homes in my suburban habitat interest me, and I enjoy observing them as they go about their daily routines. Their eventual demise and skeletal remains sadden but also intrigue me. For years I’ve worked on an ongoing series of quilts made with imagery from the skeletons.

For Mole and Fern, I took macro photographs of an eastern mole skull (Scalopus aquaticus), which I used to make prints. I also made prints of the ferns that grow in the area where I observed mole activity. Hand-stitched hexagon panels loosely represent their underground tunneling activity.
Photographic images, cyanotype panels, heliographic print panel, hand-painted and commercial cotton, silk, linen, wool
Photographed, monoprinted, hand stitched

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