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Mini marshmallows, orange cheese, or pre-chewed Chiclets, stabbed through a securely closed safety-pin and dangled from some old string—this was fishing back in the summer of 4th grade. The end goal was to never, ever touch a slimy fish, much less eat one. Instead, Laura and I were content to sit on the toasty-warm stone bridge above Mill River and feed the fish below. With a tug on the line, they would nibble the bait, spit it out, and escape unharmed. Time slipped by, and we became bait for mosquitos. With sunburns and scraped knees, we’d skip home with stories of the ones that got away.
Cotton, polyester, flannel, utility cloth, felt, recycled sari silk ribbon, clothesline rope, metal washers, cheesecloth, tulle, wire, safety pin, acrylic paint
Free motion quilted, hand embroidered, fabric painted, couched

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