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Looking for unique art from around the world?


Look bookSAQA Global Exhibitions will provide you with dynamic artwork guaranteed to bring thousands of visitors through your door. 

We work with a diverse group of international artists, providing themes that cover a wide range of genres and topics. Global exhibitions add voices from around the world to enhance your community dialogue and engage visitors in new ways.

Affordable and easy to install, our world-class exhibitions have traveled to over 250 venues on 6 continents, including art, science, and university museums. Our more than 15 years of experience means providing top-level service to museums of all sizes, plus we handle all shipping and logistics!

Full color exhibition catalogs are included with every exhibition. Artist interaction, lectures, demonstrations, classes, and virtual experiences are also available upon request.

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Interested in finding out more or ready to book an exhibition? Please contact William Reker, Director of Global Exhibitions at or 937-912-5009. Or explore our online catalog of available exhibitions.

Exhibitions available for travel
Fur, Fangs, Feathers & Fins (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Gastronomy (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Microscape (SAQA Global Exhibition)
StitchPunk (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Art Evolved: Intertwined (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Aviary (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Color in Context: Red (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Connections (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Haven (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Light the World (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Minimalism (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Primal Forces: Earth (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Primal Forces: Wind (SAQA Global Exhibition)
sustainABILITY (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Coming Soon
Abstraction: Textural Elements (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Bearing Witness (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Camouflage (SAQA Global Exhibition)
Fierce Planets (SAQA Global Exhibition)

“SAQA exhibitions draw record numbers of enthusiastic visitors from this community as well as many from outside the state,” - Susan Burnes, Chair of Exhibitions at Grants Pass Museum of Art in Oregon

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