Color in Context: Red (SAQA Global Exhibition)

Ever since our earliest ancestors began applying iron oxide to cave walls and their bodies, the color red has played a major role in art, rituals, and spirituality. The use of red can evoke excitement, danger, anger or love in the West. The color red is associated with purity in India, and in China it traditionally symbolizes luck. Red is also a primary color, crucial to the creation of other hues.

Exhibition Benefactor: Frank Klein

Exhibition Schedule

International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas: November 2 - 5, 2023

AQC - Australasian Quilt Convention, Melbourne, Australia: April 11 - 14, 2024

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair, Sydney, Australia: July 3 - 6, 2024

Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair, Melbourne, Australia: July 24 - 27, 2024

Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair, Brisbane, Australia: October 9 - 12, 2024


About the Juror

Judy Kirpich headshotJudy Kirpich is a textile artist working in the United States. Her art has been exhibited in museums in Asia, South America, Europe and the United States. She was awarded the prestigious Quilt National Japan Prize and has garnered numerous first place and best of show awards. Her work has been seen in several solo shows and she has juried Quilt National and Quilts=Art=Quilts. Her most current work can be viewed at

Judy founded and operated a design agency in Alexandria, Virginia, for 37 years before retiring in 2015 to focus exclusively on her art. She currently works out of her studio in Lewes, Delaware where she lives with her husband David and her golden retriever Rye.

Selected Artists

Patricia Arensen (Minnesota, USA) - Lamb of God
Sara Bradshaw (Tennessee, USA) - Envy
Cheryl Braswell (California, USA) - Under A Blood Red Sky
Laurie J Bucher (California, USA) - Rain Pops
Pamela Burns (Indiana, USA) - MMIW
Rosalind Daniels (Vermont, USA) - Bucket Lips
Paula C Dean (Virginia, USA) - 32850- Big Dreams Take Grit
Chiaki Dosho (Japan) - Cocoon / Led
Petra Fallaux (Pennsylvania, USA) - Shimmering Horizon
Caryl Bryer Fallert Gentry (Washington, USA) - Siesta Cubano
Andrea Finch (Pennsylvania, USA) - Oak Leaf Vessel I: Rubrum Albus Quercus
Helen Geglio (Indiana, USA) - Wisdom Cloak: The Grandmothers
Alisa Golden (California, USA) - Magma: Undercurrents
Sandy Gregg (Massachusetts, USA) - Red Flag Warning
Debbie Grifka (Michigan, USA) - Intensity:  Dedication
Michele Hardy (Colorado, USA) - Colorfields: Rhodonite
Barbara Oliver Hartman (Texas, USA) - Help:  Blood and Chaos
Yvonne Iten-Scott (Ontario, Canada) - ORIGIN
Jill Kerttula (Virginia, USA) - Movie Time
Pat Kroth (Wisconsin, USA) - Heart of Darkness
Susan J Lapham (Virginia, USA) - Red Diamonds
Mary-Ellen Latino (California, USA) - Vintage Red Truck
Hsin-Chen Lin (Taiwan, Republic of China) - The Implication of Red
Maria Lorenzo Sachs (Colorado, USA) - A  Bunch of Red
Paola Machetta (Italy) - Heat map
Valerie Maser-Flanagan (Massachusetts, USA) - Byways # 1
Susie Monday (Texas, USA) - Tomato Invasion
Stefanie Wilson Neuner (South Carolina, USA) - Red Zone Language vs. Communication
Susan V. Polansky (Massachusetts, USA) - The Fury Of My Heart
Heather Pregger (Texas, USA) - Brûler
Irene Roderick (Texas, USA) - Red Queen
Karen Schulz (Maryland, USA) - One False Move
Stephanye Schuyler (New Hampshire, USA) - Farewell Blaze
Christine Seager (United Kingdom) - Bush Fire
Laura Shaw Feit (Oregon, USA) - Your Mother. Your Daughter. Your Sister. Your Grandmother. You.
Jennifer Solon (Ohio, USA) - Beat
Jan Soules (California, USA) - Finding Neverland # 8: All About Red
Wendy L Starn (Louisiana, USA) - What's Your Excuse?
Linda Steele (Victoria, Australia) - Autumn Song
Marianne R Williamson (Alabama, USA) - Natures Palette

** Artists were notified via email on March 15

Artwork Available for Purchase

For purchase inquiries, please contact William Reker, Director of Global Exhibitions at or 937-912-5009.

All artwork offered for sale is committed to completing the travel listed with its exhibition information. View terms of sale

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In the Exhibition
Paula C. Dean - 32850-Big Dreams Take Grit
Paula Dean
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Maria Lorenzo Sachs - A Bunch of Red
Maria Lorenzo Sachs
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Linda Steele - Autumn Song
Linda Steele
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Jennifer C Solon - Beat
Jennifer Solon
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Heather Pregger - Brûler
Heather Pregger
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Rosalind  Daniels - Bucket Lips
Rosalind S. Daniels
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Christine Seager - Bush Fire
Christine Seager
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Valerie Maser-Flanagan - Byways # 1
Valerie Maser-Flanagan
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Chiaki Dosho - Cocoon / Led
Chiaki Dosho
See Details
Michele Hardy - Colorfields: Rhodonite
Michele Hardy
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Sara Bradshaw - Envy
Sara Bradshaw
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Stephanye Schuyler - Farewell Blaze
Stephanye Schuyler
See Details
Jan Soules - Finding Neverland # 8: All About Red
Jan Soules
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Pat Kroth - Heart of Darkness
Pat Kroth
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Paola Machetta - Heat Map
Paola Machetta
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Barbara Oliver  Hartman - Help: Blood and Chaos
Barbara Oliver Hartman
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Debbie Grifka - Intensity: Dedication
Debbie Grifka
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Patricia Arensen - Lamb of God
Patricia Arensen
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Alisa Golden - Magma: Undercurrents
Alisa Golden
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Pamela Burns - MMIW
Pamela Burns
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Jill Kerttula - Movie Time
Jill Kerttula
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Marianne R. Williamson - Nature's Palette
Marianne R. Williamson
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Andrea Finch - Oak Leaf Vessel I: Rubrum Albus Quercus
Andrea Finch
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Karen Schulz - One False Move
Karen Schulz
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Yvonne Iten-Scott - Origin
Yvonne Iten-Scott
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Laurie J. Bucher - Rain Pops
Laurie Bucher
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Susan J. Lapham - Red Diamonds
Susan J Lapham
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Sandy Gregg - Red Flag Warning
Sandy Gregg
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Irene Roderick - Red Queen
Irene Roderick
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Stefanie Wilson Neuner - Red Zone Language vs. Communication
Stefanie Neuner
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Petra Fallaux - Shimmering Horizon
Petra Fallaux
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Caryl Bryer Fallert Gentry - Siesta Cubano
Caryl Fallert-Gentry
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Susan V. Polansky - The Fury Of My Heart
Sue Polansky
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Hsin-Chen Lin - The Implication of Red
Hsin-Chen Lin
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Susie Monday - Tomato Invasion
Susie Monday
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Cheryl Braswell - Under A Blood Red Sky
Cheryl Braswell
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Mary-Ellen Latino - Vintage Red Truck
Mary-Ellen Latino
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Wendy L Starn - What's Your Excuse?
Wendy L. Starn
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Helen Geglio - Wisdom Cloak: The Grandmothers
Helen Geglio
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Laura Shaw Feit - Your Mother. Your Daughter. Your Sister. Your Grandmother. You.
Laura Shaw Feit
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