Byways #1

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Byways #1
55.5 in
49 in
(141 cm x 124 cm)
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Every year I select a word to be my focus. For the past five years, I have continued to select strength as my word. I feel the need to gain physical strength, but more importantly to gain the inner strength and energy to go deep into myself and make changes in my core beliefs.

Color affects me emotionally, and I have found myself drawn to working with a red color palette. The color red makes me feel centered and connected. I was reading about chakras and red is the root chakra. It stands for strength and self-awareness, and it assists you in being anchored in your physical body. This information clearly fit with what was happening in my life and why I was drawn to use red.
Hand dyed, drawn, improvisationally assembled, machine pieced, machine quilted