Magma: Undercurrents

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Magma: Undercurrents
39 in
32.5 in
(99 cm x 83 cm)
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Deep beneath the ground on which we walk lies red hot magma, a scorching liquid unseen in daily life. Ever present, magma is both a tangible substance and a metaphor for the undercurrents of thought, speech, and the concealed weapon of hate. Children know its danger when they use their imaginations and play games of pretend: Hot Lava: watch where you go, don’t get swallowed up. There is power here. A poem is layered under the organza. From a distance, you can capture a few fragments easily around the binding, but you must come close to find the full text just beneath the surface. .
Cotton, pigmented silk organza
Letterpress printed, hand dyed and pigmented, machine quilted, slashed