Red Zone Language vs. Communication

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Red Zone Language vs. Communication
24 in
37 in
(61 cm x 94 cm)
Photo Credit
Alisha Bailey
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A red zone child in education is a child who consistently gets in trouble. My son, who is a red zone child, is portrayed in this quilt. He is profoundly autistic and has been suspended several times this year. His language consists of short 2- to 3-word phrases. He uses echolalia when he really wants something, would like to know what is next, or is nervous. His teachers track his echolalia language OMA 49, lunch 10, Mommy 45. This type of language is not communication. He cannot express his wants and needs so he acts out to be understood.
Embroidery floss, commercial fabrics
Hand embroidered, paper pieced, machine appliqu├ęd