Color in Context: Blue (SAQA Global Exhibition)

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Blue is a primary color, crucial to the creation of other hues. As a pigment, blue was historically rare and expensive, reserved for those of high status, a symbol of their purity, prosperity, and wealth,  but modern chemical dyes now make blue the most commonly used color in fashion, products and packaging.

In our solar system both Neptune and Earth are blue planets.  The sky, oceans, and rivers are so ubiquitous that blue has symbolic meaning to most, if not all cultures and creatures. Blue is all around us.

This exhibition invites you to explore the color blue and what it represents to you.

Call for entry open November 1- 30, 2024

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About the Juror

Ian Berry headshot Ian Berry is a British born artist based in Poplar, East London, who creates artwork solely from denim. Berry's distinctive technique involves meticulously layering and manipulating recycled denim to produce hyper-realistic urban scenes and portraits.

Renowned for his innovative use of this everyday material, Berry has garnered international acclaim, with exhibitions spanning the globe. His unique approach to storytelling pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, bridging the gap between craft and contemporary art.

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