Minimalism (SAQA Global Exhibition)


Order. Simplicity. Harmony. Minimalism is line, shape, form, and color combined to simply highlight the very essence of the medium and materials used to create art. Erasing the distinctions between mediums to call attention to the artwork itself, without expectation of emotion or deep meaning. In the words of Frank Stella, “What you see is what you see.” A pure form of beauty.

Exhibition Benefactor: Frank Klein

Exhibition Schedule

European Patchwork Meeting, Alsace, France: September 14 - 17, 2023
Abilmente Vicenza, Italy: October 12-15, 2023
Prague Patchwork Meeting: Brno, Czech Republic: April 19 - 21 2024


About the Juror

Dorothy CaldwellDorothy Caldwell is a graduate of Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and presently maintains an active international exhibition and teaching schedule from her studio in Hastings, Ontario.

Her work is included in private and permanent collections including the American Museum of Art and Design, NYC, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the International Quilt Museum and Study Center University of Nebraska, The Canadian Department of External Affairs, and Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull Quebec among others.

Selected Artists

Joanne Alberda (Iowa, USA) - Blue Line
Jeri Auty (Washington, USA) - Total Solar Eclipse
Polly Bech (Pennsylvania, USA) - Convergence
Margaret Black (Pennsylvania, USA) - Solitude
Laurie Bucher (California, USA) - A Gift
Cheryl Costley (Florida, USA) - Simple Retreat
Janet Darcher (Washington, USA) - Shadow Boxing
Brian David Dykhuizen (Montana, USA) - Quercus macrocarpa #1
Petra Fallaux (Pennsylvania, USA) - Polder Horizon 
Katriina Flensburg (Sweden) - On Loose Base
Mita Giacomini (Ontario, Canada) - Immemorial
Sonia Grasvik (Washington, USA) - Loopy
Debbie Grifka (Michigan, USA) - A Bedrock of Calm
Cindy Grisdela (Virginia, USA) - Balancing Act
Louise Hall (California, USA) - Pelican Play 1
Michele Hardy (Colorado, USA) - Circles #34
Jill Kerttula (Virginia, USA) - Spring Emerges in the Midwest Fields
Heidi Koenig (Switzerland) - Can you see me?
Margarita Korioth (Tennessee, USA) - Marching Sticks
Susan J Lapham (Virginia, USA) - Playland #1
Doris Lovadina-Lee (Ontario, Canada) - H&H4 - Sunshine and Skinned Knees
Judith E Martin (Ontario, Canada) - help me to balance
Cathy Miranker (California, USA) - Bravo Bulcão
Beth and Trevor Reid (Australia) - The Voice of Water
Claire Renaut (Washington, USA) - Je me souviens
Karen Rips (California, USA) - Perinatal Depression
Adelheid Risi (Switzerland) - Pulse
Kathleen Robertson (Nevada, USA) - Housetop Variation - Black and White
Susan M Robinson (Florida, USA) - Is Life Really So Black and White?
Connie Rohman (California, USA) - Here And Now
Lynne Seaman (United Kingdom) - Seeking Simplicity: Threads 3
Natalie Skinner (British Columbia, Canada) - Quarter Turn Medallion
Brenda Gael Smith (Australia) - Integrifolia #3: Stops & Starts
Kelly Spell (Tennessee, USA) - Celestial Swirl
Sheryl St.Germain (Georgia, USA) - Recovery
Daphne Taylor (Maine, USA) - Quilt Drawing #25 - String of Breaths
Jan McBrien Tetzlaff (Oregon, USA) - Precipice
Marjolein van der Eijk (Netherlands) - Ode to Jan
Maggie Vanderweit (Ontario, Canada) - Sitting & Waiting
Martha Warshaw (North Carolina, USA) - Fading
Michelle Wilkie (North Carolina, USA) - One of these things
Hope Wilmarth (Texas, USA) - Edge of Space
Margo Yang (California, USA) - Autumn 21
Kathy York (Texas, USA) - Conversations

** Artists were notified via email on December 7

Artwork Available for Purchase

For purchase inquiries, please contact William Reker, Director of Global Exhibitions at or 937-912-5009.

All artwork offered for sale is committed to completing the travel listed with its exhibition information. View terms of sale

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In the Exhibition
Debbie Grifka - A Bedrock of Calm
Debbie Grifka
See Details
Laurie Bucher - A Gift
Laurie Bucher
See Details
Margo Yang - Autumn 21
Margo Yang
See Details
Cindy Grisdela - Balancing Act
Cindy Grisdela
See Details
Joanne Alberda - Blue Line
Joanne Alberda
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Cathy Miranker - Bravo Bulcão
Cathy Miranker
See Details
Heidi Koenig - Can You See Me?
Heidi Koenig
See Details
Kelly Spell - Celestial Swirl
Kelly Spell
See Details
Michele Hardy - Circles #34
Michele Hardy
See Details
Polly Bech - Convergence
Polly Dressler Bech
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Kathy York - Conversations
Kathy York
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Hope Wilmarth - Edge of Space
Hope Wilmarth
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Martha Warshaw - Fading
Martha Warshaw
See Details
Doris Lovadina-Lee - H&H4 - Sunshine and Skinned Knees
Doris Lovadina-Lee
See Details
Judith E Martin - Help Me to Balance
Judith Martin
See Details
Connie Rohman - Here And Now
Connie Rohman
See Details
Kathleen  Robertson - Housetop Variation - Black and White
Kathleen Robertson
See Details
Mita Giacomini - Immemorial
Mita Giacomini
See Details
Brenda Gael Smith - Integrifolia #3: Stops & Starts
Brenda Gael Smith
See Details
Susan M. Robinson - Is Life Really So Black and White?
Susan Marie Robinson
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Claire Renaut - Je me souviens
Claire Renaut
See Details
Sonia Grasvik - Loopy
Sonia Grasvik
See Details
Margarita Korioth - Marching Sticks
Margarita Korioth
See Details
Marjolein van der Eijk - Ode to Jan
Marjolein Van Der Eijk
See Details
Katriina Flensburg - On Loose Base
Katriina Flensburg
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Michelle Wilkie - One of These Things
Michelle Wilkie
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Louise Hall - Pelican Play 1
Louise Hall
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Karen Rips - Perinatal Depression
Karen Rips
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Susan J Lapham - Playland #1
Susan J Lapham
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Petra Fallaux - Polder Horizon #1
Petra Fallaux
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Jan McBrien Tetzlaff - Precipice
Jan McBrien Tetzlaff
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Adelheid Risi - Pulse
Adelheid Risi
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Natalie Skinner - Quarter Turn Medallion
Natalie Skinner
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Brian David Dykhuizen - Quercus macrocarpa #1
Brian David Dykhuizen
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Daphne Taylor - Quilt Drawing #25 - String of Breaths
Daphne Taylor
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Sheryl St. Germain - Recovery
Sheryl St. Germain
See Details
 Lynne Seaman - Seeking Simplicity: Threads 3
Lynne Seaman
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Janet Darcher - Shadow Boxing
Janet Darcher
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Cheryl Costley - Simple Retreat
Cheryl Costley
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Maggie Vanderweit - Sitting & Waiting
Maggie Vanderweit
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Margaret Black - Solitude
Margaret Black
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Jill Kerttula - Spring Emerges in the Midwest Fields
Jill Kerttula
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 Jeri Auty - Total Solar Eclipse
Jeri Auty
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Beth and Trevor Reid - The Voice of Water
Beth and Trevor Reid
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