H&H4 - Sunshine and Skinned Knees

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H&H4 - Sunshine and Skinned Knees
50 in
50 in
(127 cm x 127 cm)
Photo Credit
Cleary Creative Photography
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H&H4 - Sunshine and Skinned Knees is part of my House vs. Home series, begun in response to the periods of time forced to be in both. It is made with strips of fabric and blocks of color, but evokes so much more. Memories of summer vacation as a child. Spending the entire day outside playing. Going home to the sound of your mother calling, only to eat. Neighborhood friends gathering to play baseball, soccer, kick the can, and tag.

A plaid shirt handed down from brother to brother, and finally the youngest cousin, was the beginning of the improvisationally pieced medallion. The faded yellow background is the softest sheeting repurposed from my nephew’s bed. The sunshine of carefree summer days!
Repurposed cotton shirting, silk, sheeting
Improvisationally designed, machine pieced, machine quilted