Digital Image Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines pertain to calls for SAQA Global Exhibitions. For more information, read Exhibition Guidelines and Exhibition FAQs

Digital Image Requirements

Images should be in focus, properly exposed, and evenly lit. No part of the quilt should be in shadow. The quilt should be the only item visible in the image other than a white, black, or gray background.

You may use any image-editing software as needed to accurately represent, the quilt. Image-editing processing could include cropping, color-correction, adding/modifying a solid-color background of white, black, or gray.

Full-view images of the quilt must show all the quilt edges. Do NOT crop your photo or you will be required to submit a new image.

For each wall hung entry, submit one overall image and one detail image. When saving your images, be sure to select JPG or JPEG files. The form will NOT accept any other file formats.

For each 3D, installation and wearable art entry, submit one overall front image, one overall rear or side view image and one detail image.

  • A detail image must show an important aspect of the quilt.
  • The second detail image should only be used for wearable, 3D or installation pieces.
  • The artist name must not be visible in the images. Do not include a watermark; do cover up recognizable signatures on the front of the quilt. Instructions on removing watermarks and signatures
  • Make sure that both the full-view and detail images are oriented correctly.
  • File format should be JPEG (no TIFF files), saved at maximum quality (minimum compression)
  • The longest side of the “live” area of the artwork (not including background) should be at least 2100 pixels. Larger is fine so long as the longest side of the overall image does not exceed 4200 pixels.

NOTE:  If a quilt arrives that appears significantly different from the digital image submitted for jurying, the Exhibition Committee reserves the right to reject the entry. The decision of the Exhibition Committee Chair is final.


Online Submission Form

When entering a SAQA Call for Entry, the submission form will include the specific file requirements for the particular call (these may vary). While the form does NOT check the pixel size or file size on uploaded files, you will want to ensure that your images meet the specifications. 

  • When saving your images, be sure to select JPG or JPEG files. The form will NOT accept any other file formats.
  • Remember that all edges of your piece must be viewable in the full image. If your image is cropped, you will be required to submit another image.
  • A submission form cannot exceed 25 MB in uploaded image files (usually there are a maximum of 3 per artwork). You will receive an error if this limit is exceeded.
  • Since there are slight variations in how file sizes are calculated, we recommend a 24 MB target size for ALL your uploaded images (12 MB each if submitting 2 images or 8 MB each for 3 images). 
  • The files do not upload until the form is submitted. When a file is selected, you will not see a thumbnail but the filename will be displayed (see red circle above).
  • If you are accepted into a SAQA Global exhibition, you WILL be contacted if your image isn't suitable for print purposes.

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