We are all Lights

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We are all Lights
46 in
36 in
(117 cm x 91 cm)
Photo Credit
Flavia Raddavero
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We live in a shattered, wounded world where we are all looking for hope. We are now going through the light at the end of the tunnel. This quilt is based on the proposition that we cannot only expect the world to change around us and become more pleasant and livable. We also need to seek change within us. There is no going back to an old life—we have to build a new one. That new world can only come true with collective awareness and ethics that emerge from the ruins of the old world. Each person with this awareness can move forward and light the way. We are all lights.
Fabric, plastic, paper, aluminum and copper sheets
Painted, stenciled, hand dyed, acrylic poured, machine appliquéd, hand and machine quilted