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47 in
45 in
(119 cm x 114 cm)
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“Surya” is a Sanskrit word that means the Sun, and it is the symbol in the center of the quilt. Surya is the name of the Hindu God of the Sun, the Lord of Light and Day. The circle within a circle is an ancient image representing eternity, the sun, and the alchemical symbol for gold.

I have always been drawn to the circle within a circle. The sun lights our world, but only we can light the fire of love, hope, and kindness in ourselves, one day at a time. Buried beneath the layers of circles is a skull outline, a Memento Mori. It reminds us that we all walk this astonishing planet for a brief time and should strive to make the most of both the light and dark, for without one the other can’t exist.
Cotton, oil sticks
Digitally altered and printed, free motion quilted, stenciled