Cacti At First Light

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Cacti At First Light
40 in
45 in
(102 cm x 114 cm)
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As an inspirational artist, I find clues from nature. The cacti that dot the landscape are brought within a safe view.
At dawn’s first light, the prickly pear thrives, stretching forth to the sun’s rays. New pads are constantly exposing themselves as the light changes throughout the day.

There is a play of differing shades of green as the daylight progresses. Zooming in to the thorns of this western desert plant allows a new way to look at it. The crisscross pattern is indicative of the thorn growth and suggests directional hatch lines, crossing and connecting one cactus pad to the next. Form follows function and light changes everything.
Cotton, silk, stabilizer
Pieced, layered, reverse appliquéd