The Glistening Light

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The Glistening Light
40 in
44 in
(102 cm x 112 cm)
Photo Credit
Akinori Miyashita
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We are facing a new problem called COVID-19. No one could have predicted that the world would change so suddenly, shaken by an invisible virus. As we spend our days at home, we once again realize that the earth is very beautiful. The sun shines outside the window; the vegetation receives light and comforts us. I was so busy, I had lost and overlooked many things, thinking I still had time.

In this piece, I used an old Japanese kimono to confine the past, present, and future. Many threads in the center express light. The crossed red roads are our blood, our lives, and our passions, with some lives intersecting to make new connections. Perhaps the world we knew before will not return, but we can start a new world from the beginning.
Japanese silk kimono
Appliqu├ęd, machine quilted