Good Night Havana

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Good Night Havana
39 in
42 in
(99 cm x 107 cm)
Photo Credit
Jim Delwich
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The intriguing sights and sounds of old town Havana were sprawled below us as we sat on the balcony of our guesthouse on a hot night. From our vantage point, I observed the random, angular shapes of old buildings, windows, and a well-traveled cobble road. A dim light was visible from some windows, while others remained dark. Several families, possibly from adjacent apartments, seemed to be joining together in a single lit space for cooking and eating. Their voices and music keyed me into the possibility of multicultural families sharing space out of necessity.

This scene is an example of the situation Cubans have lived in for decades, adapting to limited resources such as a lack of housing, electricity, and food. In this abstract piece I tell a story of life in Havana, combining light, dark, playful brights, and a painted Caribbean sky.
Cotton, dyes, discharge paste
Pieced, stitched, dyed, rusted, bleached