Global Guardian Angel

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Global Guardian Angel
37 in
36.5 in
(94 cm x 93 cm)
Photo Credit
Forrest Doud
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The 2020 pandemic is undeniably still present. It has caused much darkness with suffering, havoc, and even death. Light is one of the most universal and fundamental symbols. We must restore the light to illuminate the world with new levels of positivity! I have sought to brighten my world with hope, faith, and joy by exploring nature’s magical bounty and visually translating it into art.

Enamored by the mysterious ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean, countless walks along the shoreline have fueled my soul with love and inspiration. As the sun shone brightly on the sand, patterns emerged undulating with happiness. I photographed the moment and was inspired to create a Global Guardian Angel to light the world with comfort and joy!
Silk broadcloth, photograph, dyed fabrics
Digitally manipulated, printed, machine quilted