Dappled Autumn Leaves

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Dappled Autumn Leaves
44 in
43 in
(112 cm x 109 cm)
Photo Credit
Gregory Case photography
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The light changes in Autumn. It has gotten colder, and the leaves are changing. Browns, burnt sienna, gray, orange, and red are everywhere—nature’s last hurrah before the days get short and light fades. It is a special time when camellias bloom, pansies are in season, and berries turn red. Leaves flutter in the wind before falling to the ground to blanket the earth, protecting the insects that shelter beneath them during winter.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Children play in the leaves, and the smell of firewood fills the air. While it is sad to have shorter days, the holidays are coming and families will get together. Autumn leaves tell a story all their own as they glisten in a cool sun. Another year has flown by.
Cotton, silk, acrylic paint
Raw-edge appliquéd, free motion stitched, hand dyed, quilted