The Cauldron

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The Cauldron
51 in
51 in
(130 cm x 130 cm)
Photo Credit
Pol Leemans
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The Cauldron hangs in the hearth. As the source of warmth, light, and food, the hearth has become synonymous with “home”; an anchor of comfort and protection. The cauldron is the mixing pot, where soups simmer and stews stew. Thanks to Shakespeare, it has also acquired a more ominous meaning: three witches mix up a prophetic brew in a cauldron with all manner of ghastly, fortune-telling ingredients to conjure up a dark spell and a warning for the doomed Macbeth. “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”
Cotton, metallic silk organza
Resist, discharge, stamp, and screen-printed, machine-pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, machine quilted