Linda Colsh

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Middletown, MD
United States

Artist Statement
I explore aspects of growing old: isolation, loneliness, privacy, and dignity. I reflect on solitude and issues of being older, including invisibility. My imagery is chosen to portray the effects of age and wisdom, and how experience enables people to cope with the often-overwhelming world they navigate. My work examines presence and absence. A special concern currently is displacement: being included or excluded. I think about people dispersed and their reactions to change: resident, native or migrant; refugee, expat, exile. Concepts of borders, edges, and margins intrigue me. My series about natural and manmade environments draws connections between rural and urban: natural spaces and populated constructed places. I balance the information I present with what I leave unstated; thus letting the viewer continue the stories I begin. I love a walk in the fog – mist starts my mind working to see more than eyes reveal, to fill in blanks and imagine the obscured.