There Not There

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There Not There
7 in
7 in
24 in
(18 cm x 18 cm x 61 cm)
Photo Credit
Ryan Stein Photography
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The inspiration for There Not There began as a story of migration. But soon after I started planning and printing fabrics for the artwork, coronavirus arrived, and we isolated in our home. Having frequently moved house most of my life, restrictions demanded by the virus and my age felt very different. In isolation, I found comfort and creative impetus. One day sitting on my porch, I looked up in the sky and saw formations of migrating Canada geese. The contrast of a population on lock down and the freedom of flying geese could not have been more vivid.

(installed as a double spiral, alternatively can be installed as a loose tangle; unrolled dimensions L127"xW7")
Cotton fabric, cotton batting, thread
Painted, inked, dyed & screen printed by the artist with screens made from her digitally altered photographs. Machine pieced, machine quilted, continuous bias binding