Intersect Chicago 2021 (SAQA Global Exhibition)

From their website, “Running since 1993, Intersect Chicago takes place annually at Chicago's Navy Pier, and focuses on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art, fiber arts, and design. Through art, and the diverse voices of their exhibitors and artists, they encourage discussions which promote social awareness and foster positive change.”

SAQA is delighted to have this opportunity to have our member artwork displayed at this prestigious venue. It is also an unparalleled opportunity to present to the art world elite the contemporary viability of fiber as a fine art medium.

Unfortunately, Intersect Chicago 2021 was canceled by the organizers. Please scroll down to view details about the selected pieces and check out the videos below:

Juror Barbara Smith talks about the selected pieces

Textile Talks: Conversations with the Artists (part 1)

Textile Talks: Conversations with the Artists (part 2)

About the Juror

Barbara SmithBarbara Lee Smith is an artist (MFA Mixed Media), writer, educator, lecturer and curator. During her long career, Smith has exhibited her work and taught in the United States and Canada, Europe, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. She is the author of Celebrating the Stitch, which helped put contemporary embroidery on the art world map.

Smith’s work is in the collections of the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Racine Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, as well as university, corporate, and private collections around the world. A lengthy interview is part of the Archives of American Artists. Smith lives and works in the oldest commercial building in downtown Durham, NC.

Watch Juror Video

In the Exhibition
Mary B Pal - A World of Difference
Mary Pal
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Margaret Lowers Abramshe - Aunt Gin
Margaret Abramshe
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Cat  Larrea - Bird Point Ghost Trees
Cat Larrea
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Susan  Lenz - Black and White and Read All Over
Susan Lenz
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Linda Fjeldsted Blust - Catch Me If You Can
Linda Fjeldsted Blust
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Bobbi  Baugh - Entering Untold Stories
Bobbi Baugh
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Claudia  Pearce - Giselle’s World
Claudia Pearce
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Michael J Ross - Grayscale Study #2
Michael Ross
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Clara  Nartey - Hats Don't Fit
Clara Nartey
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Laura  Wasilowski - House Divided (Thank You Abe Lincoln)
Laura Wasilowski
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Maggie  Dillon - Missed Trains
Maggie Dillon
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Sue  Sherman - Mr. Secretary
Sue Sherman
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Susan  Else - Offering
Susan Else
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Kathy  Nida - Part-Time Oasis
Kathy Nida
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Lisa  Flowers Ross - Portrait of Flathead Lake
Lisa Flowers Ross
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Donna  Deaver - Rainy Day - Strasbourg
Donna Deaver
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Judith  Content - Sashiko Streams
Judith Content
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Susan  Bianchi - Sticks and Stones
Susan Bianchi
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Wen Redmond - The Creative Hand
Wen Redmond
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Linda  Colsh - There Not There
Linda Colsh
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Jim Smoote - Trois 2
Jim Smoote II
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Mita  Giacomini - Two Minds
Mita Giacomini
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Marie C Bergstedt - Victoria Red
Marie Bergstedt
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Nancy  Billings - We Are All...Hanging By a Thread
Nancy Billings
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Patty  Kennedy-Zafred - White House Guest Book
Patty Kennedy-Zafred
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Viviana  Lombrozo - Words Matter
Viviana Lombrozo
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Rosanna Lynne Welter - Wrong Patch
Rosanna Lynne Welter
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Sarah Catherine Blanchette - You must be so embarrassed
Sarah C Blanchette
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Deb  Cashatt - Pre-Kāya
Deb Cashatt
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