We Are All...Hanging By a Thread

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We Are All...Hanging By a Thread
49 in
42 in
2 in
(124 cm x 107 cm x 5 cm)
Photo Credit
Fabricio Cacciatore
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This art is the first work that I completed during lockdown for Covid. It gave me a peacefulness to be working on a creative endeavor during such a stressful time.

I work intuitively, starting with a color theme by layering and layering, adding and subtracting fabrics until I am happy with the many squares and how they relate to each other. I use a plethora of different fabrics such as hand dyed and commercial cottons, silks, velvets, along with unlikely upholstery choices until the visual is what I am looking for. When the squares are complete I begin the stitching and surface design techniques to help the art come alive. I might use mono-printing, gold leaf, stamping or a myriad of other techniques.

My work parallels the fabric layers to the many hidden layers of a person’s life or environment and the stitching to the many influences and choices we make that can change our initial objective. I try to show the overall relationship to we have with each other and the world around.
Commercial and hand dyed fabric, upholstery fabric, paint, thread
Layered, stitched, stamped, mono-printed