Nancy Billings

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Miami, FL
United States

Artist Statement
Fabric is a constant in all our lives. I have always worked with textiles, whether to create clothing, home decor, art and to teach about it.
For years I have been exploring the complexity of life and responsiveness of each of us to each other through my ’Hanging By A Thread’ series. My current body of work, 'Democracy...Hanging By A Thread' is my visceral response to what is currently happening in our political arena. Fabric, paint, and thread mimic the many layers of our society. The layers and layers of fabrics on each square represent the depth of individual personalities and the size of the squares, naturally, speak for each of our physical differences and how we are respectively so unique. The threads are our connectors as each thread shows us how delicate and tenuous our relationships can be. These threads alone are thin and vulnerable but together each stitch strengthens and builds relationships and communities for the greater world.