Democracy...Hanging By A Thread

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Democracy...Hanging By A Thread
36 in
23 in
1.5 in
(91 cm x 58 cm x 4 cm)
Photo Credit
Fabrizio Cacciatore
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"My current body of work, 'Democracy...Hanging By A Thread' is my visceral response to what has been currently happening in our political arena. Like our society, there are many layers of fabric and paint in my art. The stitching adds depth and personality as does each person in our country. Some of the underlying layers show through to the front to remind us of our personal histories and who came before us.

This work hangs away from the wall and moves with the change of air currents, as each of us is moved by the actions of others.
Commercial cotton, upholstery fabric, beads, acrylic paint, thread
Machine stitched, painted, hand-sewn beads