Wrong Patch

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Wrong Patch
33 in
33 in
(84 cm x 84 cm)
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"Wrong Patch" came from 2020, the year of a wild presidential election and a pandemic. Simply everything seemed to go wrong, spiral out of control, and overflow with conflict and worry. "Wrong Patch" protests politics (which completely swamped me) exacerbating so many already bad situations. My life (like everyone's) was filled with fear. People were confined, and then friends and family got sick. Some died. People were out of work, out of food, out of money. Race was (and is) an issue. At first glance this seems a traditional quilt; but it is not pieced but rather composed of raw edge patches sitting atop the "wrong” side of a calico heart print whole cloth. Rules were broken here with edges curling, loose threads sprouting in political colors, and spiral and zigzag quilting speaking to personal anxiety and loss of control. Sizes are inconsistent, fabric is wrong side up, placement is imperfect, and hand stitching is rough. Everything is wrong about this quilt--perfect for 2020.
Commercial cotton, hand painted cotton, rayon threads, gemstones attached.
Raw edge appliquéd with a treatment to make edges lift, curl, and maintain shape. Inserted raw border edge.