The Creative Hand

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The Creative Hand
24 in
42 in
(61 cm x 107 cm)
Photo Credit
Charley Freiburg
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The joy of creating, the mark of the artist’s hand, formed the conception of this work. Pieces come together to create the whole, just as the steps to make any art may recede and advance in unspoken but conscious art making.
Digitally prepared molding paste, synthetic interfacing substrate, black noil, scrim, painted silk organza, antique hook and eyes, paint, mediums and variegated metallic thread.
A photograph of an artist model’s wooden hand was printed on a substrate of digitally prepared molding paste. Photograph was cut into segments and collaged on base of black silk noil and hand sewn with variegated metallic thread. Scrim and silk organza medium lifts form the outer edging.