Wen Redmond

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Strafford, NH
United States

Artist Statement
I am a mixed media fiber artist. I am a process person. My process is fed by my love of being outdoors and my mad desire to capture thoughts, dreams and the beauty of nature. Part of my process is photography. I can see the most exquisite scenes or combinations of patterns and want to share that beauty. My art represents these moments.

I’m passionate about coming up with ideas and working out the kinks. This leads to more discoveries, an evolution. I make the art and then the art makes me. They are what lie beneath. I bring them back to share, to remind, to remember. These moments become my source, my well. I hope to bring that energy into my art making, to communicate the positive.

Each work is individual and a communication between my inner imagination and later, the viewer.